Saturday, October 18, 2008

This weekend

I was supposed to catch up with a friend, play video games and watch a movie or two. But he's bailed on me claiming sickness (yeah right!) So I guess I'll be flying solo again, bogus.


Ricochet said...

Guess that gives you more time to listen to the asshats upstairs playing musical chairs in their steel toed boots :-/
I tried to think of some useful advice for your neighbour situation but everything I came up with would probably just get you arrested.
On the upside it might be quieter in prison...

R said...

To my surprise they were quiet all weekend up until Sunday night. Then the party started which is probably why I feel like zombie today. Too bad all the things I'd like to do to everyone in the neighbourhood who isn't me would get me in trouble. Ah for a world without consequences.