Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I've had a bit of free time lately and decided that I'd go to an art gallery. I haven't been in quite a while and the Art Gallery of NSW has Monet and the Impressionists exhibition on until January next year. Being a massive fan of Impressionism I really had to go, I was extremely happy to see that a couple of Monet's Haystacks were included in the show. There are also some of Monet's collection of Japanese woodblocks by artists who inspired him. I also happen to love Japanese woodblocks, art and culture in general so walking around taking in the paintings/prints was marvellous. Apart from the screaming children and old people walking into me and lets not mention the retarded Impressionist merchandise to be found in the store as you leave the exhibition.
Really it's worth $18 just for The Haystacks, go see it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's here

OMG! My fabric has turned up I wasn't really expecting it for at least another week or so but here it is. And if I do say so myself it looks bloody awesome, yep, awesome. The repeat worked great the colours are good. Not too shabby, however I still have no idea what to do with it.
The only thing I can think of is to maybe do some fabric badges like these:

Basically the only crafty thing I could manage to pull off. I could send the fabric to Mum to see what she'd come up with (did I mention that Mum is sewing/knitting demon in the family?).

Hmmm also got some concert tickets I'd been waiting for, it's hard to be excited and dead tired at the same time. I think I need a nap before Supernatural starts, can't fall asleep with Jensen Ackles on the tube.

Edit: So this is the whole piece, I ordered two of them.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

This weekend

I was supposed to catch up with a friend, play video games and watch a movie or two. But he's bailed on me claiming sickness (yeah right!) So I guess I'll be flying solo again, bogus.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Grumpy, 1am Monday

There must be some rule that says if you live upstairs from me you must be a total twat. And by twat I mean you MUST do all of the following if not a few more of your own invention:
- Walk like you weigh a tonne
- Wear high heels on the wooden floorboards
- Scrap shit across the floor, drop really heavy things, preferably late at night
- Have loud blazing rows with your significant other/friends/family members either in person or over the phone
- Slam doors & windows
- Race up and down the stairs making enough noise for 15 people when you're usually alone or in pairs
- Play crap music at all hours of the day and night at ear bleeding volumes. The crap music is usually of the techno variety I swear I listened to the same drum beat for a year and a half. The new people yesterday played one part of a song for 3 hours straight. Not the whole song, just the first chorus. Actually they're still playing it.
- Be completely oblivious that any of your behaviour is annoying and reluctantly agree to stop/curtail said behaviour for about the time it takes me to walk down the stairs and back into my apartment

The last two being the most important, because no sooner have I outlasted one bastard who thought he was a DJ. I now have another pair to take up his mantle. Only these idiots don't even acknowledge my existance (they don't answer the door) the last guy kinda feigned being apologetic, I get zip from the new people apart from bags under my eyes and a lovely snippy attitude.

I seriously don't get it, I like music (love it in fact) I go to my fair share of concerts (it'll be 15 concerts this year) so I don't mind loud music, generally. I listen to lots of different types too, but what shits me is that as one of the few people in this building complex that has a job, my sleep patterns are at odds with my neighbours. While it's fine for them to be up and partying 4am Wednesday morning I really don't need it. My bosses and co-workers don't need it because ultimately they're the ones who have to deal with my grumpy self the next day.

I consider it a good night if I've gotten around 4-5hours sleep. I do use ear plugs to block out as much of the noise as possible, but really they can only do so much. To the last guy I became the grumpy cow downstairs who'd spoil all his techno/bongo lovin' fun. Looks like I'm still playing that role, that reminds me, must get more ear plugs tomorrow I foolishly thought I wouldn't need them anymore.

But I forgot, if you live above me, you must be a twat.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I did it!

I finally got my shit together, figured out all the crap I needed to figure out and uploaded my pattern to a site than can print it on fabric for me. Now I just have to sit back and relax until it turns up in the mail. Then I still have to come up with something to do with the fabric. But I guess I need to see how it turns out before I can go any further with that thought process. At least that's what I keep telling myself. In reality, it'll turn up on my doorstep and be fabulous (yeah, naturally) and I'll still be at a loss as to what to do with the blasted thing. I'll probably leave it somewhere around to collect dust. Only to come across it again years from now while moving house or something, I can see it all now.
In other news this is the last long weekend of the year and like every other time I have a day off the weather is supposed to be shithouse. But seeing as I really don't have anything planned except for going to the hairdresser (I really am overdue) the weather can be shithouse. I'm very much looking forward to sleeping in several days in a row, probably watching waaaay too many DVD's and just generally being the exact opposite of my working self. A good dose of Hellboy and Hell Girl should do the trick indispersed with some British comedies I think, ah yes, the weekend quick cheez it.