Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's a pattern I tell ya!

So I'm going to get the above pattern printed on some fabric (once I figure out the specs needed). Something I've wanted to do for years, but have only just now got around to.
The only problem is what to do with the fabric once it's done (and fingers crossed it looks half decent) because I am utterly useless with a sewing machine. Or anything resembling the domestic duties of old, you know; sewing, knitting, cooking, cleaning, rearing children. Okay I haven't tried the last one yet, but I imagine it'd be difficult, time consuming and full of dropped stiches? :/
Anyway the weekends almost here, yippeee

Thursday, September 4, 2008

OMG Father's Day?!

I can't believe it's Fathers Day already and due to craptacular circumstances (don't ask) I am without cash/cards to get the old man anything. Which means I have to rely on my younger brother to get him something from me and pay him back later.The only problem with that is said brother isn't really much help with ideas. Over the years I think we've gone through just about everything you could possibly get a dad, plus a whole lot more. How many years in a row did we get him slippers? which he'd wear for a week then they'd sit in the bottom of a wardrobe for the rest of the year. I'm a bit too old to palm off some mis-shaped badly decorated piece of pottery, or a paddlepop stick/pipe cleaner creation as a gift. Although it'd be really good if I could, like a paddlepop stick house you could actually live in. Probably not a very sturdy structure, also not really something I could throw together in the few remaining days either.I suppose I could fly home and surprise him, but that really would have required much more forethought on my part. I also have that 'evil middle child' persona to live up to so that won't be happening, sorry Dad.I've emailed my brother with some of the less lame ideas I had with as many links so that he can see what I'm talking about. Fingers crossed by Sunday some massive light bulb will go off and Dad will get something that he actually wants.

p.s. Images borrowed from the lastest (Father's Day) Kmart catalogue.

p.p.s. We ended up getting him an air compressor (which is want he wanted) so happy, happy, joy ,joy!