Monday, October 6, 2008

Grumpy, 1am Monday

There must be some rule that says if you live upstairs from me you must be a total twat. And by twat I mean you MUST do all of the following if not a few more of your own invention:
- Walk like you weigh a tonne
- Wear high heels on the wooden floorboards
- Scrap shit across the floor, drop really heavy things, preferably late at night
- Have loud blazing rows with your significant other/friends/family members either in person or over the phone
- Slam doors & windows
- Race up and down the stairs making enough noise for 15 people when you're usually alone or in pairs
- Play crap music at all hours of the day and night at ear bleeding volumes. The crap music is usually of the techno variety I swear I listened to the same drum beat for a year and a half. The new people yesterday played one part of a song for 3 hours straight. Not the whole song, just the first chorus. Actually they're still playing it.
- Be completely oblivious that any of your behaviour is annoying and reluctantly agree to stop/curtail said behaviour for about the time it takes me to walk down the stairs and back into my apartment

The last two being the most important, because no sooner have I outlasted one bastard who thought he was a DJ. I now have another pair to take up his mantle. Only these idiots don't even acknowledge my existance (they don't answer the door) the last guy kinda feigned being apologetic, I get zip from the new people apart from bags under my eyes and a lovely snippy attitude.

I seriously don't get it, I like music (love it in fact) I go to my fair share of concerts (it'll be 15 concerts this year) so I don't mind loud music, generally. I listen to lots of different types too, but what shits me is that as one of the few people in this building complex that has a job, my sleep patterns are at odds with my neighbours. While it's fine for them to be up and partying 4am Wednesday morning I really don't need it. My bosses and co-workers don't need it because ultimately they're the ones who have to deal with my grumpy self the next day.

I consider it a good night if I've gotten around 4-5hours sleep. I do use ear plugs to block out as much of the noise as possible, but really they can only do so much. To the last guy I became the grumpy cow downstairs who'd spoil all his techno/bongo lovin' fun. Looks like I'm still playing that role, that reminds me, must get more ear plugs tomorrow I foolishly thought I wouldn't need them anymore.

But I forgot, if you live above me, you must be a twat.

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