Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Favourites

I'm a member of a messageboard that does Mix CD exchanges. Quite a cool idea, I do love getting things in the mail & hearing new music. Also a big fan of putting together parcels. I've participated in quite a few exchanges but since the computer that holds the majority of my music only works when it feels like it (read almost never) I've had to stop participating.

My love of new music usually leads me every month to have many days of internet at dial up speeds. Quite painful really, but I can't for the life of me stop myself from downloading music. I really should get a better connection (I do say this all the time). This is a collection of my current favourites, not necessarily new artists but new songs. Oh and they may not feature in the photo I took for the cover.

Feel free to download them :)

Edit: Forgot to add, if you like any of these songs please go & buy other CDs/songs by these artists. See them in concert, pick up a t-shirt or other merch if they have any. They're worth it, trust me.

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