Sunday, July 12, 2009

Books again

Finished the last stack of books I had and after re-reading James and the Giant Peach. Yesterday I went out and pick up some new books. Also had a scrumptious lunch in the bookstore cafe mmmmm...

Alexandre Dumas - One Thousand and One Ghosts
Nikolay Gogol - Dead Souls
H.P. Lovecraft - The Call of the Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories
Charles Dickens - Oliver Twist
Osamu Tezuka - Black Jack Volume 1

I was going to pick up the new Pratchett 'Nation' but it's still only in hardcover - too expensive at this point in time. Walked around with Neil Gaiman's 'Stardust' for quite a while but as it looked like a really quick read (a couple of hours at most) & cost $23 I put it back. I did enjoy the movie, so I'm sure the book is good. I just wanted something that would last a bit longer.

Did I tell you about the last books? I don't think I did, they were Dickens - Great Expectations, Niffeneggers - The Time Travellers Wife, Wildes - Picture of Dorian Grey. Loved Great Expectations & The Time Travellers Wife (won't see the movie, not a fan of Eric Bana) not so hot for Dorian Grey. I think the character of Lord Henry really put me off the book all of his ridiculous philosophies just grated on me.

Next time I go to Japan I'm definitely visiting the proper Tezuka museum in Takarazuka, Kobe (not the small installation that's at Kyoto station) & the Studio Ghibli one in Tokyo.


Ricochet said...

I have much book list jealousy right now.
You can't go wrong with Cthulhu, although if you read too much of it all at once you will go a bit strange.

Your lists are helping me break myself of a stupid 'if you read this awesome book now you won't be able to read it later' idea that dumbs up my brain from time to time. Like the planet is going to run out of amazing books I haven't read :-b

Rapscallion said...

At least you weren't stuck in the 'I only read books by authors X, Y & Z' or books in the genre of... I spent way too long doing that to myself.

So I now have these massive lists of books that I want to read. But when I go into a bookstore I usually end up walking out with whatever the latest best seller is. Once in while I'll remember that, yeah I actually meant to read that book aaages ago.

And having started reading Lovecraft I can honestly say that I'm glad I don't dream like he did. Or at least I don't remember them upon waking.