Monday, March 29, 2010

What I've been doing (in pictures)

Okay maybe a little type. Been to an exhibition, Hymn to Beauty definitely worth it, you should go.

Bought a new iPod (finally) my old one only played sound out of the right ear. Also got a 1TB external hard drive, so I can put all my music on it, as it's currently all over the place.

Then there are the concerts, I can't believe I've been to 15 concerts already. Well my bank account/credit card can, it's an expensive past time. Didn't take my camera to all the shows, so here are pics from Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro, Spinnerette & The Dead Weather. 3 awesome, loud, sweaty concerts :)


Ricochet said...

I've come to the conclusion that you never sleep and spend all your time at awesome concerts - why did you bother buying a bed? :-D

Rapscallion said...

Pretty sure my bosses think the same thing (well maybe not the awesome bit). When I ask for time off, or to leave work on time I'm usually going to a concert. They ask the bands name but then just give me blank stares.
I'm not sure why I bought the bed either. Even when I am home I don't really get much sleep, thanks to my neighbours :p