Sunday, September 13, 2009


Almost finished reading Lovecraft, these are some the artist he references in his work.
Francisco Goya

Gustave Dore

Henry Fuseli

John Martin

Salvator Rosa

Aubrey Beardsley


Ricochet said...

Wow, when I read Lovecraft all I came away with was 'Holy-Hell-Supercool-Creepy!', it would never have occurred to me to do complementary research. Thanks for this :-)

I cannot get enough of these pictures, I really should get off my lazy ass and look for more of them.

Rapscallion said...

No worries :) As I was reading the stories a lot of the notes talked about these artists. While I recognised some of the names it bothered me that the others were unknown. Beings a visual person & while procrasting one day I looked around the net for examples. I can see why he would use these as reference points. Supercool & Creepy all right.