Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chrysanthemum Burst

This baby holds 500ml of tea. Which you would think is too much tea at once, but for me at least it's the perfect amount. With normal cups I sometimes feel like I need another one right after I've finished a cup. Not any more, oh no. Also picked up some Chrysanthemum tea, yum.

Edit this is what the tea looks like:


Ricochet said...

That tea looks like you just drowned a flower but in a really artistic Nick Cave kind of way :-)

Does it taste like the ghost of the transitory beauty of a spring day?

[Is really starting to enjoy the idea of a Nick Cave range of teas...]

Rapscallion said...

I'd liken it to a Nick Cave/PJ Harvey duet - a Chrysanthemum murder ballad if you will. It's a bit sharp, a bit sweet and by the end the flower is limp on the bottom.