Saturday, August 16, 2008


I love tea and after my usual Saturday morning activities I walked past a tea shop. I went in to get a glass teapot but the only ones available were in the window and as the shop is usually busy I had to wait for a shop assistant to get one for me.
As I was waiting to get served I saw this teapot. As much as I wanted the glass one, the one with the monkeys won out. Did I mention that I really like monkeys? How could I go past that one, impossible. It's a little hard to photograph being silver ink and all, the cups are a bit hard to use if you like your tea piping hot, but, oh well. MONKEYS!
Guess I'll get the glass one for Chrysanthemum teas at a later date :) actually I might get some of those tomorrow...


Ricochet said...

I like to think that the teapot monkeys are engaged in a duel. At the count of three they each hurl their coconut(?) and the last monkey standing wins!

R said...

That'd be cool, one morning I'll walk past the teapot to notice one of the monkeys gone. Good thing I have plenty of spares :P

(other monkeys that is)